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This is an example of an image that has been released into the public domain. It is content you can use however you wish, with no restrictions or rights attached. (whether you'd want to is another question)

This policy page is about how copyrighted material is handled on EndMyopia Wiki. ©©©!

When uploading files, please try your best to select the appropriate license to describe the material.

If you are the owner of copyrighted material being hosted on the wiki and would like it removed, please email [email protected].

For external readers

EndMyopia Wiki will 100% comply with any takedown requests for copyrighted material, provided that you can prove that you are the copyright holder.

Please email [email protected].

EndMyopia materials

Content from the main website, and YouTube is freely accessible to use in whatever way you like to build articles on the wiki.

Material from BackTo20/20, or any other material you're supposed to pay for is not acceptable, for obvious reasons.

Copyrighted material

When it is okay to use copyrighted material

Thankfully, EndMyopia Wiki is not Wikipedia, and is not subject to massive scrutiny over the material it can and cannot use. Copyrighted material is fine to use on the wiki, as long as common sense is applied when doing so. Please don't annoy people like Disney, or anyone else who is trigger-happy over lawsuits.

For example, if you're uploading an image of a scientific diagram of an eye, that's fine and also covered under fair use. If you're uploading a meme, that's also fine - amusing ourselves is a top priority.

When it is NOT okay to use copyrighted material

Do not copy and paste entire websites and articles, please. We're not a criminal website harvesting operation, we're a vision improvement encyclopedia. Please just link to the original website and give proper credit.

This rule ESPECIALLY goes for other vision improvement methods that may be discussed on the wiki. You can paraphrase what has been written elsewhere and cite the original source, that's okay. Don't copy and paste other vision improvement methods here, this serves no educational purpose and makes us look terrible.

The crack team of administrators we have here still reserves the right to pull down anything copyrighted that we think steps over the line.

Freer to use material

Creative Commons

Creative Commons licenses allow creators to allow the sharing of their work, subject to specific restrictions.

If referencing a CC work in an article, you must attribute the author by including a citation to the original.

If uploading files released under a CC license, please select the specific license when you upload the material to the wiki.

Public domain

Public domain is not a license, it is the absence of any license or copyright protection whatsoever on the material. Use public domain content however you wish.