Writing:I held my nose and waded through the marketing

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Was looking for high prescription polarized sunglasses. Found EndMyopia instead.

  • Managed to find some content buried in among all the marketing language and filler.
  • Was annoyed with "you have to read all this" when so much of it was nonsense (eg at the start/end of the Youtube videos; a single useful sentence in a blog post) and one of the key points is "less screen time".
  • Tried the forum, left due to strong political differences unrelated to eyeballs (plus was muted). Forum skews conservative. Antivax, eugenics (let the weak among us die), absence of willingness to engage with systemic issues, etc.
  • Annoyed about the lack of open data.

  • On average, like the eye-related philosophies.
  • Appreciate Jake hosting community resources.
  • Discovered that this wiki is a relatively organized place to learn about EndMyopia. Thank you so much, wiki gnomes! You've made my EndMopia journey possible.

Not convinced I'll get to 20/20 but it's the journey, not the destination.