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Adminship (the mop) is handed out pretty liberally. People with vague trust generally get admin tools, this is to prevent any silly bureaucracy from setting in, to encourage editors, and to have fastest access to respond to issues that need the tools. This may change as the wiki grows and there's more of a need to be discerning.

The main reason there are a lot of admins is to block vandals really easily. This wiki has 2 lazy admins.

What admins are and aren't


Admins have a set of tools.


Admins don't have authority over other editors. They don't automatically win in content disputes, although adminship does reflect the opinions of a trusted member of the community - their arguments may have more weight than others through experience.

Admins found to be abusing the tools, or pretending to be wikigods when they don't will really quickly find themselves losing the mop, and the respect of their fellow EndMyopians Face-sad.svg

What admins can do

Administrators have the technical ability to perform the following actions:

Relevant policies (not hard rules)