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About images

Wikimedia Commons

This image isn't uploaded locally to EndMyopia Wiki! It's being linked to, automagically, from Wikimedia Commons!

Go to Wikimedia Commons here

Any picture you see on there, you can use on here without having to upload here. Just use the File: name as you would do if the file was uploaded locally. Like magic, your picture will still work!

Pictures you can and can't use

See EM:Copyrights.

The basics of pictures

To produce an image, type this [[File:EMwiki.png]]

This will produce this EMwiki.png

Be sure to include the file extension.

Moving pictures around



Will produce:


Resizing pictures



Will produce:



Adding captions

To add captions to a picture, ensure you include |thumb|Caption text here in the body of your image.

[[File:EMwiki.png|thumb|It's the EM Wiki logo.]]

It's the EM Wiki logo.

Just read the Wikipedia page

There's plenty of detail that I don't think this article will cover. But that's definitely the basics and more than enough for a lot of people.

See the Wikipedia help article here.