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This is an area in which everyone, including casual readers, are highly encouraged to contribute to. Even if you have never edited anything on a wiki before, it's ridiculously easy to create an account and get started editing.

You can write your own personal articles on whatever you like to think of about vision improvement here for the world to see. Please be considerate of the fabulous writings policy before doing so :)

If your article doesn't appear after adding it to the respective category, try purging this page.

Finding Active Focus

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One article at a time, slowly, there will be one million ways to find Active Focus on this page. Surely. 718smiley.svg

When you're ready, type into the box below the best way you would best describe you have found Active Focus. Seemingly the hardest thing for people to do in all of vision improvement.

Starting EndMyopia

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What were your initial experiences doing EndMyopia like? The world wants to know šŸ¤”

Miscellaneous Writings

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This decentralised project is for anything that doesn't fit into any other category. Write whatever musings related to eyesight you can think of!

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